What to do with those roast dinner leftovers?

I love soup, especially in autumn, and I’m always so excited to have steamy bowls of slurpy goodness. My kids, not as keen, and certainly not as clean, on soup. My go-to solution since they were tiny is to serve soup over rice, like in my albondigas recipe.

Add a little, add a lot – it depends on the consistency and flavor your kid enjoys most. If the soup is liquidy, a couple of teaspoon of cooked rice soaks it up. If it’s a cheesy or creamy soup, just a small amount will add texture and thicken, allowing young diners to use their own spoon. We love encouraging our little ones to feed themselves, freeing our hands for food of our own.

This little tip comes in handy for all sorts. I’ve been known to make an enormous roast dinner with too many leftovers (haven’t we all?).

Warming autumn dishes using whatever ingredients you have in

The method:

  • Cube up some gammon/chicken/beef (or forget the meat!)
  • Warm it in a small shallow pan with a splash of water
  • Take some leftover cauliflower cheese, put it in a deep bowl, add some milk and warm it covered in the microwave for a minute or two
  • Give it a good smash up and it basically becomes soup.
  • You can add a bit more milk if you want to loosen it.
  • Once it’s nice and warm, and considerably smashed, add a little rice, the meat, and any spare veg you have from the roast

It’s a bit like bubble and squeak, but with rice instead of potatoes. Enjoy!

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Low-cal chicken salad made in minutes

As I mentioned briefly in my post about losing the baby weight, I’m a devotee of the 5:2 or “Fast” diet. This means that 2 days a week, I only eat 500 calories all day (and then eat normally the rest of the week). I usually skip breakfast, then have a 200-cal lunch and a 300-cal dinner. You’d be surprised at how much food you can have for 300 calories!

My usually recipe guest poster, The Mum Recipes, is having a break this week. I wanted to share this super easy recipe I made the other day. I’m not normally the type to make up recipes, so I’m pretty proud of this!

The other night I wanted a quick, tasty, 300-calorie dinner for just me. I wanted to use leftovers from the roast chicken dinner we had the night before, and other random stuff I had lying around. I also wanted something with an exotic flavour. Here’s what I came up with…

You’ll need:

  • 1 skinless chicken breast. I used a leftover one from the roast chicken we had the night before. You could also use store-bought chicken pieces. If you want to cook it yourself, simmer in chicken stock from a stock cube for 8 minutes (make sure internal temp at least 70C), and then leave to rest while you assemble the rest of the salad.
  • a large handful of broccoli or other leftover green veg. I used broccoli from my roast dinner leftovers. You could use any green veg you have lying around, or just good old-fashioned lettuce.
  • 5 cherry tomatoes or half a normal tomato (if you’re watching calories, don’t overdo the tomatoes as they have a lot of natural sugar).
  • 1 spring onion or a sprinkling of normal onion (surprisingly, onions are high calorie – for veg – as well!)
  • About 2 inches of cucumber (get your mind out of the gutter)
  • 1 tsp fish sauce
  • 2 TB lime juice (from a jar is good)
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil
  • A sprinkling of chilli sauce if you fancy it. My fave is Cholula, but Tabasco or any other would do.

The method:

Use your hands to pull the chicken breast into thin strips, then throw it in your salad bowl.

Add your green veg. It’s best to have smallish bite-sized pieces so you don’t have to make much effort once you’re eating. You can also use your hands to pull your broccoli into smaller bitesize pieces. Other green veg could be chopped.

Halve the cherry tomatoes (or dice your larger tomato) and throw that in. Dice up the spring onion – chuck it in. Dice your cucumber. I like to slice the rounds and then cut those into four to make little triangles.

In a little bowl, vigorously stir together your fish sauce, lime juice and sesame oil. Then pour it over your salad and toss it up.

Sprinkle your chilli sauce on top if you’re into that sort of thing. You can also add salt & pepper, but fish sauce is already salty, so taste it first.

Credit: The salad dressing is a simplified adaptation from the ‘Szechuan Chicken’ recipe in The Fast Diet Recipe book.

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