Hi, I’m Nicole. I started this blog to share the ups and downs of taking your kids to public places, and how you can avoid mad dashes to the toilet and hunger-induced meltdowns. I make mistakes on days out so you don’t have to, using the benefit of my hindsight.

I also share personal stories about my life and my family, reflect on my parenting, and discuss issues I care about such as women’s health and wellness.

I try to share things that people might relate to, and share useful advice and tips when I can, although I don’t claim to be an expert on anything!

About my guest blogger, The Mum Recipes

A transatlantic friendship goes public

Thirteen years ago, two naive American girls met on a British university campus. They bonded over a love of theatre, food, travel and boys, and soon became BFFs.

As time went on, their love of boys led to them choosing husbands. And their love of husbands later led to them having children. Through hen parties, weddings, childbirth and sleepless nights, the no-longer-quite-so-naive American girls were there for each other.

Until about a year ago, when family called one of them back to the USA, while the other one stayed in the UK. Were the friends to be parted forever?

Nope. Because internet. Hooray.

And when one of the friends started a blog, it just made sense for her BFF to join in the fun. Thus, The Mum Reviews joined forces with The Mum Recipes, and their friendship left WhatsApp and went out to meet the world.