This blog started in July 2016 as a place for me to share my musings and advice about life as a mum. I called it The Mum Reviews because it sounded good at the time and I had no idea what I was doing. I had planned to review products and services that were relevant for parents, and I did.

In that year and a half, this blog earned me some fabulous experiences and I am very grateful for that. You can read reviews of some of the fun stuff we did in the archives. However, as of January 2018, the blog’s focus has changed.

First of all, I’m no longer doing brand collaborations. This is mainly because my main career is not compatible with earning money/products on the side. I might still review stuff, but you can be sure I’ve paid my own way for these things. I’m not really going to be reviewing a lot. That might be kind of odd given that my blog name isĀ The Mum Reviews. I’m not going to change my name, because I have an awesome DA and I am not starting over with that.

Secondly, I’ve found that what I really like writing about is how mums can improve their own wellbeing. This includes physical and mental health, how to cope with daily life, and how to be kind to yourself and others. Writing about that is something that helps me think these things through and improve my own practice in these areas.

I like to think I’m now reviewing life, instead of stuff. I hope you will find it useful, or at least entertaining.




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