Gone fishing for Easter

Just a little note to any subscribers or regular visitors that I haven’t forgotten you. I’m fine and I’m not giving up blogging just yet! I’m just enjoying Easter holidays with my schoolboy who is rather good company these days.

We’ve visited Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire, Coram’s Fields, the British Museum, and Chartwell so far! We’ve also been playing quite a bit of Lego Star Wars on the Nintendo.

I’ll be back from Tuesday onwards with plenty of new stuff, including some posts about our days out and our shiny new National Trust membership. It’s burning a hole in my pocket because I want to be sure I get my money’s worth!

Here are a few photo highlights of the week.


Have a very happy Easter weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Gone fishing for Easter”

  1. Yay! You joined the National Trust! Now we can take the kids there for outings together. Mine love Chartwell especially, but Emmett’s and Knole are good too, and not too far away! Xxx Good move.

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