Am I rocking motherhood?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Angela at Life, Motherhood and Everything to participate in White Camellia’s #RockingMotherhood tag. The concept of it is that us busy mums are so focussed on just taking care of business that we forget how great we really are. It’s easy to spend lots of time criticising ourselves or trying to improve, but sometimes it’s good to just take a minute to remind ourselves what we’re doing right. So for this, I’m meant to list 10 ways that I’m “rocking” motherhood.

I have to say that this is not something I would have volunteered for! It is definitely a difficult exercise, but I can see the value in it. You may not agree that the things I do to “rock it” are actually good things! But oh well, here we go…

1. I read a ridiculous amount of stories

Every night, me or their dad read a total of 7 stories. Four for the 4yo and 3 for the slightly more restless 2yo. I’m given to understand that reading so many stories before bed is slightly unusual. But they love it. They love the stories and the attention. And I can see it’s paid off for my 4yo, who is really doing well at learning to read on his own now he’s started school.

2. I also sing a lot of songs

Each boy gets around 3 songs after their story bonanza every night. The 4yo prefers pop music, jazz standards and musical theatre soundtracks. The 2yo always has the same three: Twinkle Star, Black Sheep and Row Your Boat. Like with the reading, I think it’s really benefiting them to learn different songs that constitute part of our culture and to begin taking an interest in music generally.

3. My kids love fruit and vegetables

I don’t know how I did it, but I’m going to go ahead and take the credit. They love their fruit and veg. Both of them will eat broccoli until the cows come home (weird expression – do cows really take a long time to get home?). The eldest often prefers to eat cucumbers and tomatoes to a burger, and will always, always eat fruit. He still thinks it counts as a pudding!

4. The lounge belongs to them

While I can totally understand that some parents prefer to keep the lounge as an adult space, I take the opposite strategy. My lounge is completely covered in toys, and I think that’s a good thing. It is only a very short time that my kids will have loads of toys that they will want to play with in the same room as me. There will be many years when they prefer to hide away in their rooms. So for now, we will all be together in the lounge.

5. I always have time to explain things

It’s a stereotypical story that kids will ask endless questions and parents might just say “I don’t know, leave me alone”. You know, questions like “Why is the sky blue”. I never fob off my kids when they have questions about how the world works. I try to explain what I know, and if I have no idea, we google it together. It’s a great way to spend time together.

6. I try to give them choices when I can

This is something I’m working on and I don’t always excel at. Instead of just dictating things to them, I try to give them viable choices so they can feel like they exert some control over their lives. I’m hoping this is the root to teaching them some autonomy and independence and to making them into confident people.

7. I spend a lot of time teaching them life skills

This is sort of connected to the previous point. I spend loads of time teaching them things like swimming, riding scooters/bikes, cooking, turn taking, climbing. These are things I think they need to know to be well-rounded individuals.

8. I teach them about culture

Be it high or low, I like exposing my kids to things that will expand their horizons. This includes watching lots of different films and TV, listening to pop music, as well as days out to museums, stately homes, etc.

9. I spend time away from them

I am a big believer that absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is as true for parenting as it is for other relationships. A bit of me-time (even if that so-called me time is actually working) makes me a happier, more patient parent when I’m with them.

10. I am honest with them

Okay – mostly honest. When it’s important, I always try to explain the truth to them in a way they will understand. And I try to never make promises that I’m not sure I can keep. I may, however, be guilty of telling minor porkie pies about whether or not there are any biscuits left in the tin.

I’m tagging the following lovely bloggers to join in with this tag next, if they want to:

Petite Pudding

Author: The Mum Reviews

Writing about women's health and wellness (especially for mums) as I try to stay sane in my crazy life.

18 thoughts on “Am I rocking motherhood?”

  1. Thank you so much for taking part. I agree it’s not an easy task to blow our own trumpet but I absolutely thing that sometimes it is necessary for our own sanity (mine anyway)

    I read a lot of books to my children too and I believe that’s why they love books so much and also why they have such varied vocabulary in the 2 languages they speak. I think it’s refreshing that you say it helps you spending time away from your children. I have mostly read they can’t cope with how much they miss them and how sad they are without having them around for a couple of hours but I have to agree that I find it helpful and enjoyable to have a few hours to myself now and then. It also gives me a break and so I become more patient and more able to deal with the challenges they throw at me.

    You sure are #RockingMotherhood my dear. x

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  2. i love your number 4 – my little sister (lived with my dad and her stepmum) was told she had to go and play in “the gold room” or in her room – basically told to fuck off and get out the way. I hate this. why have kids if you want them out of the way all the time???
    Our room is now overflowing with jumperoos, baby walkers, high chairs, and activity tables. we even gave up a dining table as a potential christmas gift as we dont have space haahahaha I love watching Ben play and he always looks back to see im watching him as if to be told he’s doing a good job.
    you’re such a brilliant mum, keep doing a great job lovely! #EatSleepBlogRT


  3. YES you sure are Mamma! Well done for getting the little ones to love veg – I have totally failed on this front. My lounge is always covered in toys too… I think we have a lot in common 🙂 xx #eatsleepblogRT


  4. These are great, I read a stupid amount of stories too, well rather point out things in books as they’re not quite old enough to sit and listen properly. I love what you say about teaching them about culture and life skills so very important and such a great thing to pass on to your little ones. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

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