If you don’t try, you can’t fail…?

I’m the sort of person who would rather leave things to fate than really try for something. It’s easier to quietly hope for something than to go out there and really try. If I don’t try in the first place, then I can’t fail! So I am doing something that scares me now.

I’m going to go ahead and ask that if you read this blog, could you – pretty please – drop me a little vote in the #tribalchat awards?

Tribal Chat is this awesome community of bloggers of which I’m a part. We have a Twitter chat once a week and all support each other in a Facebook group and across social media. Three times a year, they do a little award ceremony where people can vote for different bloggers who they think are doing well in particular areas.

I started blogging to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. Asking for your vote is totally out of that zone!

There are loads of different categories you can write me in for. You can write The Mum Reviews in up to 3 categories, but any more than that and your vote won’t count. I’m happy for you to choose what category you think my blog most fits, but if you want a suggestion, I’d be keen on Rising Star, Kindness or Social Butterfly.

Rising Star because I went from 100 to 2600 Twitter followers in 6 months. I think that’s pretty good going. Kindness because I help other bloggers learn how to do blogging stuff. Social Butterfly because I have a good #tribalchat attendance record and am always up for some wine and a silly GIF.

If you are in the running as well, drop me a comment about what category you’d like me to vote for you in. You see: kindness! 😉

Please CLICK HERE TO VOTE. Remember to vote for me in no more than 3 categories. You don’t have to fill in all the categories if you don’t want to.


Two Tiny Hands

Author: The Mum Reviews

Writing about women's health and wellness (especially for mums) as I try to stay sane in my crazy life.

14 thoughts on “If you don’t try, you can’t fail…?”

  1. Tribal chat is the best group of friendly bloggers I’ve met. I’ll find a spot in my vote for you!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

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  2. I love tribatchat! I’ve voted!! Good luck lovely and i’ve just published my begging piece if you haven’t voted yet and want to have a read.. #FamilyFun

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  3. Your #tribalchat attendance is a billion times better than mine. I haven’t managed to get there in MONTHS I was an avid participant at the beginning as well, sigh. I early won’t be wining social butterfly lol. I will try join you Tuesday! Good luck with the awards lovey and well done on growing your social media it certainly is good going. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

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