Not feeling sad on my son’s first day at school

I can’t resist jumping on the bandwagon and writing a starting school post. My big boy started school today. I expected to feel a bit sad because my baby is growing up, but I didn’t really feel sad at all. I’m wondering if I’m feeling the wrong thing!

We’re used to being apart. He’s been going to a childminder, nursery or preschool pretty regularly since he was 10 months old. So actually, for us, school is going to make very little difference to how much time we spend together. I felt so many things today, but none of them were sad.

More than anything, I felt proud. Proud as he ran away from me towards the school gates, full of confidence and excitement about his new adventure – not the least bit scared.

I felt excited. I’m so excited to face all of the new challenges ahead.

I felt geeky – because I’m totally looking forward to helping him with his homework.

I felt insecure. I want the other parents and the teachers and school staff to like me!

I felt worried. Will my son behave? Will he make friends? Will he be happy at this school?

I felt guilty – because I didn’t feel sad at all. I’ve got free childcare and a new way to relate to my son.

Babies are cute and cuddly, but I wanted to have kids because I’m just a big kid myself. I remember the kid stuff: kid’s films, kid’s food, kid’s games – lots of silly stuff. Now my eldest is in school, he will start enjoying things that I can still enjoy myself. If that is a little bit selfish, then you can judge me all you please.

As it turns out, my son was perfectly happy about his school day. He wouldn’t tell me much about it though. He said it was a secret.

His teacher told me that his behaviour was “challenging”. He needs to work on sharing and doing what he’s told. I’ve never been very good at doing what I was told either. But I won’t let him get away with it. He can be better than me.

We rounded off the day by dancing like total goofballs in the living room to some of our favourite songs. We left the curtains open so any passerby could witness our foolishness.

The baby days are gone for my big boy, but the fun has just begun.

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9 thoughts on “Not feeling sad on my son’s first day at school”

  1. My son will be in kindergarten next year and I am not sure how I will react…..I will probably ball haha. Especially if he takes a bus…maybe not so much if I bring him since it would be similar to me dropping him off at preschool. Glad you did well with his first day!!


  2. I actually didn’t mention that even though I wasn’t sad, I still cried a little! I cried proud tears and also nearly cried when the teacher told me he was “challenging”. Would definitely be weird to wave son off on a bus! I am lucky we can walk him to school. Thanks for commenting!


  3. I love this, I wasn’t sad either, even though I was nervous for my son! He started kindergarten yesterday, we were all very excited and I know he’ll love the challenge! You’re not alone, I was very proud and glad of the free few hours.


  4. Ahhh this is a lovely post and one I can relate to. I felt very proud of my son last year when he ran into reception on the first day and didn’t look back. I also felt very guilty that I wasn’t crying and had a spring in my step when I left the school, but I was just so relieved that he was happy. I hope things go well for him this term and no kid REALLY likes sharing so don’t worry about that!


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