Don’t blog in the pub (An apology to my subscribers)

This is just a short note to you lovely people who subscribe to my blog. Last night, I went to the pub after work with a friend. In the course of a couple drinks, and putting the world to rights, my friend was kind enough to listen to me witter on about my blog. This led me to having a couple ideas for new posts.

So I wrote the ideas down as draft posts on my WordPress app, as is my custom. But then accidentally published them instead of saved them as drafts!

Nobody would have noticed, except that all of you are automatically emailed when I post. So I’m very sorry for sending you all random empty posts last night.

Word to the wise: don’t drink & blog. 🙂

Author: The Mum Reviews

Writing about women's health and wellness (especially for mums) as I try to stay sane in my crazy life.

3 thoughts on “Don’t blog in the pub (An apology to my subscribers)”

  1. Haha … that is so funny. I’m going to sign up in anticipation of the next pub night! I also feel a wicked sense of relief because I was going to save ideas in my drafts too, but I knew that I’d do something just like what you are describing so thanks for confirming NOT to do it!


    1. Glad you see the funny side of it too! I think I’ll still save ideas in drafts when I’m not distracted, but otherwise I might just write a note on my phone somewhere that isn’t capable of uploading to the internet! I’m sure this won’t be the only time I make a fool of myself on here 😉

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      1. Not a fool … we’re all just human! And what happens after a couple of drinks is not your fault! haha .

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